Optimize your balance, control and strength

A new and revolutionary scientific discovery

Neuro Connect™ Lifestyle

Wearing a Neuro Connect™ Balance device:

  • Optimizes your muscles and joint function
  • Improves your balance
  • Restore your spine and pelvic function
  • Lessen the likelihood of injury caused by the incorrect use of muscles and joints

Neuro Connect™ allows you to get back to doing what you want to do!

Neuro Connect™ Golf

Neuro Connect™ Golf Clips or Infused Shaft Bands:

  • Optimize the function of your core muscles and joint function involved in the golf swing
  • Improve balance, rhythm and strength
  • Regain normal bio mechanics
  • Improve putter head control

Get the most out of your game!


There was no doubt that my golf swing muscles were extremely weak when tested, but they strengthened immediately when I wore the devices. It makes sense to me that practicing and playing with muscles that perform properly is going to benefit every golfer.  What I noticed the most is that I putted lights. 

Myles Bradford, CPGA Head Golf Professional

Balance. Strength. Control.

Get immediate improvement in your balance and muscle function.