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Absolutely could not believe the difference…

Dear Mark
Thank you so much for an incredible product – the Neuro Connect™ devices. I have experienced never ending L5/S1 joint pain with some sciatica for over 25 years. Tried massage, acupuncture, laser, decompression table, even the hyper baric chamber to name a few. Nothing relieved the pain. Being a competitive low handicap golfer, the pain affected my swing in an adverse way. When I got to the top of my backswing, I did not want to come down because it would hurt. Absolutely could not believe the difference when I put on these clips. Right away I could finish my swing with no issues. Totally freed my body and mind up. I can even practice again hitting a full bucket of balls with no pain. Unbelievable. I wear these clips everyday, not just when golfing. Have not had any pain since I started wearing them. I believe my walking is even better. So, anyone who has back pain like mine- you better try these. It’s magic in my mind.


August 2017

…wearing a Neuro Connect™ Balance clip my legs are equal lengths

I have been seeing a chiropractor for 10 years. He says I always have a very short leg on the left caused by a pelvic joint restriction which gives me lower back pain. Since I started wearing a Neuro Connect™ Balance clip my legs are equal lengths. This has never happened before. Also, I used to get static electric shocks all the time summer and winter. Since wearing the clip, I have not had any shocks.


August 2017

We have a lot of hope for the future

My daughter’s diagnosis of C2 spinal cord injury has left us with minimal options for therapy due to the current knowledge of the brains abilities. Since using the Neuro Connect™ technology we have seen a drastic, measurable improvement and decreased spasticity allowing her to explore her mobility. Her fine and gross motor skills are improving where traditional medicine offered maintenance only. We have a lot of hope for the future thanks to Neuro Connect™.

UPDATE Aug 4 2017 : Hi Dr. Mark we are off to Easter seals camp where I will be sharing your invention whenever the opportunity presents itself. But on another note I just wanted to let you know that she continues to have more “feeling” in her hands and also this past week she rose her arms straight above her head while upright,without assistance. She has Never been able to do this before without help and she just did it without thinking about it. She was telling a story and expressing it with actions……AMAZING!!

C.F., Ontario Canada

August 2017

My ankle pain was ruling my life and now I am back in charge!

I had a 14 year old ankle injury. A person stepped on to my ankle with her high healed shoes and damaged the front of my ankle – it was a severe injury and I had to be carried off the dance floor. Since then I gradually got worse and worse, and could not walk or put weight on it after work, I always wore a brace and took painkillers, and eventually had to go to disability. After getting out of car I had severe knife- like pains when I started to walk. I had cortisone injections and the doctors wanted to fuse my ankle. Dr Mark used his devices on my ankle to remove the stored memory of my injury. He called it Injury Recall Technique. He touched one of his Neuro Connect™ devices to the point ankle I received the injury and another onto the front of the other ankle. Instantly, I noted an increased range of ankle motion. Since then it has been night and day difference, my knee pain has improved and my ankle is 90% better and it has only been 4 weeks since I had the treatment. My ankle pain was ruling my life and now I am back in charge. I am so relieved.

Karen Scott

August 2017

Scratch golfer uses Neuro Connect™ Golf Devices

My name is Spencer Kelly and I am a scratch golfer from Ottawa, Ontario. I was fortunate enough to try the Neuro Connect™ Golf devices because the company I work for deals directly with a professional golf fitter named Greg Phillips who is helping to test the technology. He tested the muscles of my golf swing with and without the devices, and the differences were quite shocking. When performing simple movements using a golf club, we found I had some sort of weakness in my left shoulder. This would cause havoc in my golf swing because the wrong muscles engaged in order to over come my weak spot. This weakness was essentially causing me to lose flexibility and in golf that means distance and consistency. That all changed once I used the devices. Not only was I noticeably much more stable, I was able to make a better swing with no pain. I could feel the previously weak muscles engaged and feel strong! I would recommend the Neuro Connect™ devices to anyone who wants to really see a difference in their performance. I love this product and you will too!
Spencer Kelly, Ottawa, Ontario

August 2017

Hi Greg. Just want to let you know how much I’m enjoying my new set of Maltby clubs you made for me. Finally, I have the confidence to “let the club do the work”. You may recall I purchased a set of the Neuro Connect™ Golf devices. While I have known for months that they give me more strength and balance, I didn’t realize how beneficial they are until one day I forgot to put them on. For the first 7 holes played absolutely horribly until someone said I was leaning to my right on my back swing. My initial reaction was “I don’t do that…..I’m not a complete rookie,” at which point I realized I forgot to put the devices on. I immediately put them on and played significantly better for the rest of the round.


August 2017

A Testimony from the Traveling Golfer

It has been 2 years since I have walked 18 holes due to a sciatic problem in my left IT band. Wearing Neuro Connect™ Golf devices I am able to walk the course again! Right from the first round, I have been putting better than ever before. More comfortable, feeling that the control and consistency are there. Especially effective on the knee knocker putts! Playing consistently well since wearing Neuro Connect™.

Walking the dog…Long walks tend to cause some discomfort from a previous leg injury – sciatic and IT Band area. From the first walk with the Neuro Connect clips, the discomfort is minimized or gone altogether.

Claudio DeMarchi

July 2017

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