Improving balance and Core muscle function

Posted by dmetus1 December 5th, 2017

Neuro Connect™ Balance

What is it?

Neuro Connect™ Balance is a single device that is worn on the midline of the body. It can simply be clipped to the front of a shirt or worn as a pendant on a chain around your neck.

Neuro Connect™ Balance devices were developed by Dr. Mark Metus, a chiropractor in Collingwood ON, and a team of physicists. The physicists infuse a subtle energy pattern into the devices which improves everyone’s ability, both young and old, to balance. 

Healthy older adults usually have less secure balance than they had when they were younger. Coping with chronic conditions can interfere with balance. Several conditions can come together to produce balance problems. Some of those chronic conditions are:

  • inner ear problems, including vertigo
  • eye problems (cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration,
  • numbness in feet and legs (neuropathy)
  • arthritis 
  • heart or blood circulation problems 
  • long-term diseases of the nervous system including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, and others
  • taking multiple medications

How does it help?

Many people lose their ability to balance efficiently. This happens slowly as we get older. You may notice difficulty when bending over and standing up again, or while reaching onto a high shelf or even when walking up and down stairs.

These are a few testimonials of the effectiveness of Neuro Connect™ Balance

  • Dr Metus developed the device for his mother who described always feeling she had a tendency to fall back while standing at her kitchen counter. Immediately upon wearing a Balance pendant, her confidence returned and she no longer falls backward.
  • Another lady described her increasing inability to be able to pull her jeans on while standing. This was immediately corrected when wearing a Balance device.
  • A 63-year-old man who lost 60 percent of his balance due to stroke 7 years prior, walked with a shuffle, was unable to lift or carry, found he had dramatic improvement immediately after wearing a Balance clip.

Improve Muscle Control and Balance

The cerebellum also referred to as the “little brain,” is a structure that is located at the back of the brain at the base of the skull where it meets the spine. It represents approximately 10% of the brain’s volume, yet it contains over 50% of the total number of neurons in the brain. The cerebellum is involved in position detection by constantly receiving messages about the position of the body from the inner ear, eyes, muscles, and joints. It then modifies messages going to the muscles to provide postural adjustments required to maintain balance.

Using kinesiological tests it has been found that Neuro Connect™ Balance devices act by improving the response of the cerebellum. The results repeatedly demonstrate an immediate improvement of core muscle function and the ability to balance. Even activities that are difficult to perform naturally are improved when wearing a Balance device.

Kinesiological studies indicate that Neuro Connect™ Balance devices optimize the responses of muscles and improve balance.

Neuro Connect Balance Spray

Kinesiological studies show that Balance spray enhances balance by improving how your cerebellum responds to signals coming from your joints and ligaments, muscles, eyes and vestibular system.

The salts in the spray carry the infusion frequency. When sprayed on the front of the shirt it works the same as wearing a Balance Clip. It is recommended for situations where the clip could get in the way such as contact sports like hockey, basketball, and soccer. It can also be used daily for any activity if required.


Testing a patient with MS using a Neuro Connect Balance device.


This gentleman gave me permission to share his video testimony in hopes that other people with Multiple Sclerosis would also benefit from using a Balance clip.
 He tested well using Neuro Connect ONE devices, but the Balance device proved more effective in this case.

  • The first video examines his balance while testing his core muscles.
  • The second video shows him walking before and while using the  Balance clip.

Testing a person with chronic peripheral neuropathy 

This gentleman kindly offered to allow us to video his examination. He has had no feeling in his feet for 20 years. I tested Neuro Connect Balance first. It worked well. I tested Neuro Connect ONE second and it worked extremely well. 

Please Note: We are not able to accurately determine just how effective the devices are for each person and for each condition. These are examples we hope will guide you along with the other videos and information on this site as to whether or not Neuro Connect devices will help you in any way. We cannot promise improvement for every condition.

Balance. Strength. Control.

Get immediate improvement in your balance and muscle function.