How Neuro Connect™ Devices Can Benefit Any Lifestyle

At NeuroReset Inc., we create devices that are changing lives! Our Neuro Connect™ devices offer innumerable benefits to those who want to improve balance, muscle and joint control, and strength. We have outlined a few of these exceptional advantages below.

How Neuro Connect™ Devices Can Benefit Any Lifestyle [infographic]


  • Improve balance—Do you want to improve balance while you put pants on in the morning, walk to your car, or even stand at your kitchen sink? Neuro Connect™ Balance unlocks the science of optimizing balance simply and safely by enhancing muscle and joint function.
  • Easy to Wear – Our innovative devices for improving balance, muscle control, and daily lifestyle activities are simple and easy to wear. Simply clip the device as directed, and you’re ready to go!
  • Cellphone EMF protection—Your cellphone emits harmful radiation, and the dangers of this exposure on the nervous system are not yet known. Neuro Connect™ for cellphone EMF protection helps minimize the negative effects of EMF on the body.
  • Take Your Golf Swing to the Next Level—While we can’t promise a hole in one, Neuro Connect™ INFUSED Shaft Bands can help you increase flexibility and improve your core function to help you get more out of your golf game.
  • Options for All Kinds of Activities—Wear one of our Neuro Connect™ LifeStyle Clips for lighter activities, like gardening or walking, and all three for more intensive tasks to control movement and maintain strength.
  • An Advanced Alternative–  Our revolutionary devices offer a healthier alternative to optimize muscle and joint function.
  • Options for All Ages—Whether you are 23 or 93, anyone at any point in their lives can benefit from our new and revolutionary approach to improving balance, stability, and strength.
  • Optimize the Body’s Neuro-pathways—By carrying a subtle energy pattern, Neuro Connect™ devices resonate with the body’s sensory nerve receptors to optimize joint and muscle function.  When neuro-pathways are optimized, joints and muscles improve function.