Neuro Connect™ products are now available through distributors

Neuro Connect™ products are now available through distributors
Neuro Connect™ products provide innovative technology designed to optimize balance and strength for enhanced muscle function. Originally only available through their manufacturer, NeuroReset Inc., this technology is now available through strategic distributors as of July 1, 2018.

These products are the first ever wearable technology to circulate a subtle energy pattern, resulting in a more responsive central nervous system. By optimizing the neuropathways within the central nervous system, joints and muscles function to their best capacity and users can experience greater balance, control, and strength.  Neuro Connect™ products provide benefits for nearly anyone who wants to get back to the activities they love and live a more active lifestyle.

“I am excited for this new expansion in product availability and eager for those struggling to get back to normal activities to experience the difference Neuro Connect™ products could make in their lives,” said Julie Benson, Marketing and Branding Director for NeuroReset Inc. “We hope that by allowing distributors to provide our products, they become widely available and accessible to those who need them most.”

The technology produced by and used in Neuro Connect™ products is the future of wearable devices for greater physical performance. For further information about these products and what they offer, contact NeuroReset Inc. today.

About NeuroReset Inc.

Founded by a seasoned chiropractor, NeuroReset Inc. began developing products with the assistance of a team of physicists tasked with innovating technology that could improve muscle and joint function. Today, Neuro Connect™ products do just that by circulating a subtle energy pattern that results in a more responsive central nervous system.