FAQ Posted by Mark Metus January 2nd, 2018

“If you have NeuroConnect ONE or LifeStyle devices it is recommended that you perform the self treatment protocol morning and evening and wear the devices during the day. This protocol is described and demonstrated in the Testing for Lower Back Problems video.”

Do you have any scientific proof the devices work?

Please note. The devices do not cure disease. Neuro Connect devices should never be used as a substitute for treatment carried out by a registered therapist which is based on a sound diagnosis.

All findings are based upon over seven years of clinical testing using functional neurology. We are aware that credible peer-reviewed studies take years to complete and indeed we have three streams of scientific studies and one survey in the works at the moment.

Workplace injury prevention using Neuro Connect ONE devices.

Assessment of the effects of wearing balance in the elderly by using the Bergs Balance Scale.

Statistical analysis of the performance of low handicap golfers using golf simulators while using golf shaft bands.

Survey: A subjective survey of people with ataxia and balance issues with and without the devices.

Why do I take so long to get better?

The Immune system, Chronic inflammation, and Adrenal issues

If you have a chronic inflammation in your tissues your condition will not respond instantly. The devices help your joints and muscles to work better, but tendons and ligaments may already be severely inflamed if you have been suffering for a long time.  I usually place patients with chronic issues on to a detox program to make sure they have normal bowel function, and sometimes they require natural detox programs that target the liver and kidneys as well. But we always start be improving bower function. One of the most important functions of our immune system is to help us to heal. We always address bowel function first because 70% of the immune system is in the bowels. Toxic bowels = poor healing response.

Also, people with long-term stress have adrenal fatigue and this needs to be addressed. This often contributes to chronic lower back and pelvic instability and chronic muscle and ligament strain. Naturopaths are very good at helping with this kind of condition especially if you think your thyroid may be under-functioning. Often they are linked. I recommend this book to my patients with adrenal fatigue. Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James L Wilson

Also, I have found that patients who were slow to respond to wearing the devices respond well when they began performing the self-treatment protocol which is described in the Testing for Lower Back problems video on the Neuro Reset videos page. 

Are your products the same or similar to Qray bracelets and pendants?

No. The technology used to infuse Neuro Reset products is entirely unique and involves principles related to Quantum Physics. It was developed by a team of physicists to drive an energy pattern into the devices. The particular energy pattern we use is called Neuro Connect. Clinic-based kinesiology testing supports the fact that when the devices are worn, muscle and joint function improves. Before and after testing in multiple positions, and methods, support this finding.  As far as we are aware, no other devices function in this way.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are extremely rare.

Most are due to increased joint and muscle function from wearing the clips. Any soreness in muscles is due to them functioning once again. They need to strengthen and lengthen. Joint soreness is almost always due to increased joint function and the stretching of the ligaments surrounding the joint.

One person experienced double vision while wearing the devices which went away immediately upon removing the devices.

If you experience a side effect please remove the 3 devices and wear only one on the midline, until you get used to the improved spinal function. If you are uncertain, please contact us.

Can I wear LifeStyle ONE or Golf with Balance?

The Balance frequency should not be mixed with the Golf or LifeStyle or ONE frequency. They can cancel themselves out.

I have balance issues, which clips are best, ONE, LifeStyle or Balance

Clinic-based testing suggests that the Balance Clip is effective for balance.

However, they also support the fact that Neuro Connect ONE, LifeStyle and Golf clips work like Balance on some patients and they also improve joint function very efficiently.

On some people, only the Balance clip improves balance. In most cases with balance issues, I recommend the Balance Clip.

Balance Clip: (Kinesiology tests show it acts primarily to improve Cerebellar response to enhance balance)

Neuro Connect ONE and LifeStyle and Golf: Worn during the day for work or gardening etc. (tests show they act primarily on the motor cortex response to improve joint and muscle function and balance).

Please see the website for more information. New demonstration videos have been added to the website at this link.


I am a golfer. Which version should I use?

My suggestion is you use the Golf devices. See the testimonies. We have many great testimonials. They aren’t a panacea for every back ailment and they probably won’t directly improve your golf score, but clinic-based tests support they help to optimize core muscle and joint function.

How long do the devices last, do they need batteries or do they need to be recharged?

As far as we know, they do not lose their effectiveness. The technology used to infuse the device causes a permanent change to how the devices absorb subtle energy and distribute the energetic pattern that influences the central nervous system. They do not need to be recharged.

Self Treatment and Injury recall

Please read the Injury Recall section of my book and the self-treatment section as well. It may help if you treat yourself daily with the devices as well as wearing them.


Can they be used for sporting activities?

Yes, but be aware that they can get knocked off if playing contact sports. For security, it is recommended the clips are locked on to the shoelaces deep into the mouth of each clip. Clips can be worn attached to the top of socks on the outside of the leg, or on the pant leg, or the bottom of shorts. These are not the most secure places, as they can be bumped. The midline clip can be attached to the collar at the back or to the front of the shirt near the buttons. Some women wear it clipped and hidden in the front center of the bra.

We consider devices to be sport enhancement products. Clinical tests show they increase muscle and joint function by improving the neurological response from joint and muscle receptors. Consequently, they help to increase balance, strength, and control during all activities, sporting or otherwise.

What about Pacemakers

The devices do not emit an electrical signal or field and there are no magnetic fields emitted from the devices, therefore we do not believe they will have any negative effect on patients with pacemakers.

We recommend you use the devices purely at your own discretion.

Neurological conditions

At this time we cannot make claims as to their effectiveness. However, it may help you to observe some of the demonstration videos and read the testimonials. These gentlemen kindly gave their permission to video their experiences with the devices.


What about back pain and neck pain?

The devices do not magically work on anybody. The clinic-based testing over a period of 7 years indicates improvement in muscle and joint function while wearing the devices. Follow up testing of patients suggest an overall improvement in joint function such that less treatment is required. The testimonials support these findings.

Demonstration videos regarding back and neck issues and cell phone technology, have been added to the website at this link. https://neuroreset.ca/neuroreset-video/

Where are the devices manufactured?

The stainless steel clips are manufactured to our specifications in Asia and the remainder of the clips are made and assembled in Canada.

Do they work in a similar way to magnets?

Absolutely not. They do not use magnetism in any way, in fact, the stainless steel clips (starting Jan 2018) are not magnetic.

How long have they been on the market?

Since January 2017.

Who invented this technology and for what purpose?

Dr. Mark Metus, a chiropractor, developed Neuro Connect ONE, LIfeStyle and Golf to reduce the number of treatments required by his patients. Also, so patients can maintain spinal function between visits using the self-treatment protocol. He developed Balance because his mother complained of falling backward at the kitchen counter.

Where can I read about the science behind this product?

You can read Dr. Marks manual/book by downloading it free at this link:


If you have an interest in knowing how quantum entanglement is involved in biological processes, we suggest you read this publication:

Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology, J. Al-Khalili, J. Mcfadden

Is this technology approved by Health Canada and the FDA?

This is a brand new technology and we are actively pursuing full approval.

If clipped goes through the washing machine is it still effective?

Yes. Even if the dome comes off, you can super glue it back and it will be effective. If you have the version with 10mm round domes under the clip and you lose one, it dosesn’t matter, it is for decoration only. The new versions do not use the 10mm dome.

What if I lose a clip and only have 2 left?

If the version you have has copper embedded under the dome (turn it over and look through the clear plastic) wearing 2 devices will not be effective. If there is no copper on any of the clips, you can wear a single clip on the front of your shirt or on the back of your collar and it will work effectively. However, the maximum effect is achieved when you wear 3 clips together. If you lose a clip, (copper version only) send the remaining clips to our office, along with a cheque for $25.00 made out to Neuro Reset Inc, and we will recondition your set and send it back to you immediately.

The devices do not cure disease. NeuroReset Inc does not engage in rendering medical service or advice and the information provided is not a substitute for professional medical care.


Neuro Connect™ devices do not cure disease. Neuro Connect™ devices should never be used as a substitute for treatment carried out by a registered therapist which is based upon a sound diagnosis.