Marketplace Rebuttal

I am sorry our customers and the viewers of the CBC Marketplace program had to endure the erroneous and contrived attempt to defame me on the basis they thought they had a story about a Dragons Den pitch that intentionally tricked the Dragons. I want to thank all the people who have supported me and for sending the many encouraging testimonials we have received.

This is a rebuttal to the Marketplace episode that accuses me of duping the Dragons and selling snake oil. I have included their questions and my responses.

I have included the content of the emails I received from CBC journalist Eric Szeto and producer Virginia Smart, and the questions they asked at the interview. The show presents a biased “case” against myself and Neuro Reset Inc. and is built on incorrect information. They have misled the public to service their hypothesis.

They have accused me of a number of things.

1. Selling a technology that in their opinion is unproven because we have not done peer-reviewed scientific research to back the product.

  • The book “Quantum Alignment Technique – the intersection of Quantum Physics and Neurology” was authored and published worldwide by Dr. Metus on Amazon. It is also available for free download for anyone who wishes to read it prior to using the products.
  • The book outlines the findings from 7 years of clinic-based research. The QAT instruments where developed alongside published physicists Dr. Yury Kronn and Dr. Igor Nazarov who both specialize in subtle energy physics. The physicists developed the technology to infuse subtle energy patterns into QAT treatment devices and Neuro Connect wearable devices. The science is outlined in the book.

Our Physicists

Dr. Yury Kronn is a world-renowned scientist, inventor, and author and educated in Russia’s prestigious Gorky University, Dr. Kronn earned his Ph.D. He was awarded a “Doctor of Sciences” degree by the scientific committee of Lebedev’s Institute of Physics, in Moscow, chaired at the time by N. G. Basov, Nobel Prize winner, reserved for scientists originating a new direction in their field. Dr. Kronn developed the comprehensive theory of quantum nonlinear interaction of coherent electromagnetic fields with atoms and molecules, co-authored the definitive book in his field, Resonant Interactions of Light with Matter, and published more than 75 scientific articles. He developed the theory of multi-photon lasers, contributed to the theory of laser-stimulated chemical reactions and created the world’s first 4-photon tunable laser frequency converter in the infrared range. He has four patents and is currently finishing his new book. Today, Dr. Kronn is an authority in the science of subtle energy/ vital force and has been involved in subtle energy physics research for the past 30 years.

Dr. Igor Nazarov has over 30 years of professional experience combined with an extensive educational background. With a Masters in Experimental Nuclear Physics and a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from the famous Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as well as a variety of engineering certificates. Dr. Nazarov has a well rounded and extensive knowledge of physics. After teaching for more than 20 years, Dr. Nazarov worked around the globe in various fields of physics, further building knowledge and expertise behind the technology.

  • The diagnostic procedures in the book parallel core methods of chiropractic methods, Motion Palpation, Leg Length deficiency, Functional Neurology testing which incorporates muscle spindle response testing.
  • There are peer-reviewed studies on all of these techniques including Chiropractic in general.
  • My research reveals how the devices influence the joint and muscle receptors providing a response similar to chiropractic manipulation.
  • The effectiveness of QAT is confirmed by the core methods: Motion Palpation testing, Functional Neurology testing, and Leg Length Testing.
  • The results are achieved using the wearable version of devices (identical to the devices outlined in the book except in size) as demonstrated on the Dragon’s Den.

The Devices

  • Neuro Connect One/Lifestyle/Golf
    Primary function: Core tests show they enhance proprioceptive nerve receptor connectivity. This is supported by pre-and-post examination using core methods.
  • Neuro Connect Balance Clips and crystalline Spray
    Primary function: Core tests show they enhance proprioceptive nerve receptor connectivity and cerebellar response. This is supported by pre-and-post functional neurology testing.

2. CBC contacted my licensing body, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario to investigate and determine if I am practicing outside my scope of practice.

Szeto: “There are also concerns surrounding Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT) – one of the techniques you use for correcting muscle and ligament dysfunction. According to the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, “for a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure to be acceptable for clinical purposes, it must be taught in the core curriculum, post-graduate curriculum or continuing education division of an accredited educational institution.” To date, we have not been able to find any accredited institutions that teach QAT.”

  • There are over 200 techniques taught at the postgraduate level. I am trained in the following.
  • Diversified technique (manipulation of all the joints in the body) The principle diagnostic component is Motion Palpation which is used to access for joint restrictions.
  • Activator technique (proprioceptive nerve fiber stimulation). The diagnostic component is a functional neurology assessment known as leg length deficiency testing.
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK) which incorporates functional neurology testing of muscles related to suspected joint restrictions, acupuncture meridian deficiency, and nutritional deficiencies. It is also the assessment of normal neurological reflex responses. The absence of a normal reflex response is indicative of an issue.
  • In addition, I use the Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT) as an adjunct to all the other techniques to further enhance and confirm the diagnosis.
  • QAT is actually an extension of the other forms of diagnosis and principles and confirms joint and muscle dysfunction through proprioceptive nerve reflex assessment.

3. They are accusing us of making claims that our devices enhance balance, strength, and control.

Our logo is Balance Strength Control

Neuro Connect One/Lifestyle/Golf/INFUSED Shaft Bands

  • Improved joint receptor and muscle spindle function contribute to a person’s balance, strength, and control, using the methods described above.

Neuro Connect Balance clips and crystalline spray

  • Specific cerebellar functional neurological testing was used to test balance, strength, and control.
  • Balance clips and spray were used to test people with clinical conditions that affect their balance.
  • People with chronic joint and muscle problems were tested using NC One/ Lifestyle and Golf.

4. Canadian regulatory bodies

  • Up to Feb 1, 2018, Health Canada (HC) has allowed us to continue with the sale of Neuro Connect One/Lifestyle and Golf and INFUSED Shaft Bands.
  • We have never claimed that they cure any health conditions. Additionally, we have received many testimonials on our website. We have removed names of their health conditions and even though they state their issues have decreased when wearing the devices.
  • We have hired NHP Consulting to liaise with regulatory bodies on our behalf to achieve full compliance. This includes packaging labeling regulations.

5. Hidden recording

CBC planted a patient to record the examination. They recorded me during the examination and informed me of saying “we don’t know exactly how the technology works, it just does, it’s weird science.” I make this kind of comment when the patient asks why their muscle response changes instantly after using the devices. The exact nature of the quantum physics is not completely understood at this time. Indeed, many physicists use the term “weird science” when it comes to the quantum physics phenomena known as quantum entanglement. All the testing done with our physicists point to QE at some level. They prefer to call it micro- entanglement. Einstein called it “Spooky action at a distance”. There are many things on the market with methods of action that are not completely understood. Scientists now believed that specific functions within ur cells and our nervous system involves this phenomenon.

“The College of Chiropractors of Ontario also tells us they expect chiropractors to be able to explain the nature of the device they use yet, in a demonstration video you state: “we don’t absolutely know how it works, we just know that it works.” We have also documented a visit to your chiropractor’s office where you explain your Neuro Connect clips as “weird physics” and that you couldn’t explain how it works, but that “it just does.”
– Szeto

6. CBC Double Blind testing

CBC ran tests to determine if the devices work. They certainly did not use test procedures I have described below. Rather, they appear to have done grip strength tests for strength improvement, and sway testing to test balance. None of their procedures will correctly assess the product. Yet, during theinterview, they attempted to discredit the products using their test procedure.

“With the help of experts, Marketplace conducted a double-blind test of our own with the Neuro Connect Lifestyle clips. Marketplace’s expert asked ten subjects to do a static standing balance test and grip strength test as a way to quantifiably measure Neuro Connect’s efficacy. Based on the test results, there was virtually no difference in balance or strength when the subjects wore the Neuro Connect Lifestyle clips, paper clips or no clips at all.”
– Szeto

The most recent question describing their double-blind experiments. NOTE: They used incorrect testing procedures to test our devices.

“With the help of experts, Marketplace conducted a double-blind test with the Neuro Connect Lifestyle clips at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Design Lab. The first test was a static standing balance test. The second involved a grip strength test. For the standing balance test, multiple body movements were measured over a two-minute span. For the grip test, maximum grip force strength was measured three times before taking the average. Both tests were done to quantifiably measure the product’s efficacy. Each participant (there were 10 in total) had three conditions for both tests. They randomly wore either the Neuro Connect Lifestyle clips, paper clips and no clips. Based on the test results, there were virtually no statistical differences between those who wore Neuro Connect clips, paper clips and had no clips.”
– Szeto

And there would not be. The CBC used incorrect testing procedures with a set of 3 LifeStyle clips. You can’t squeeze an orange and expect to get apple juice. My research has concluded that Neuro Connect devices act principally by improving joint and muscle nerve receptor activity. In my research, the devices were only tested on individuals who had already been diagnosed using core chiropractic evaluation methods. Therefore, the methodology used by the CBC was inadequate to determine effectiveness. Although an individual’s ability to balance is also influenced by the receptor activity, we do not use Neuro Connect LifeStyle devices to assess balance or to determine if a normal person’s balance is improved by these devices.

The NeuroConnect Balance device clip (a single device) was developed to improve the balance response. It has been tested in different ways. For patients with and without obvious neurological compromise, three separate tests are used to determine core muscle response and balance. Two of the tests can reveal inadequate balance responses especially for those with brain injury, neuropathy, myelin sheath degeneration and age-related issues. When a balance device is worn, virtually every case responds with a normal or improved response. However, when the device is removed, the inadequate balance response returns. The device does not cure, it acts as an aid when worn. The third test is called homo-lateral crawl. The hardwired functional neurology of the human being is cross-crawl. The homo-lateral action is abnormal and is the test I used on two of the Dragons. The person steps forward on to the right foot and reaches upwards with the right arm. Same test for the left side. Gentle pressure is directed forward against the right wrist to determine if the person can maintain balance. Essentially, it mimics a person reaching upwards to get something off a top shelf. The normal response to this test is for the person to drop the arm forward unable to resist or fall forward from the pressure. Virtually every person tested falls forward or drops their arm, except when using a Balance device. Again, when the device is removed, they can no longer balance or resist during this test. The part of the brain that initially responds to these tests is the cerebellum. It measures all sensory input from proprioceptors, the vestibular system and the eyes to assist in coordinating a response from the motor cortex. We believe the cerebellar response is enhanced when the Balance devices are worn. Please note, the Neuro Connect LifeStyle devices do not generally work using these three balance testing procedures. Yet, the CBC incorrectly tested balance by using the wrong devices to support their bias. The illusionist the CBC interviewed to disparage the test procedure had no understanding of functional neurology testing and performed it incorrectly. In March, we begin our balance and gait research using peer-reviewed balance testing procedures such as Bergs and BESTest metrics and APDM technology. The grip strength test used by the CBC to test Neuro Connect devices is the wrong methodology. It plays no part in functional neurology testing and should not have been used to assess the devices.

7. They asked a Physicist to comment

“Marketplace has also spoken to multiple quantum physicists who question the claims you make. They are not aware of any peer-reviewed scientific research that demonstrates any links between quantum physics and biology.”
– Szeto

The infusion technology was developed by physicists Drs. Kronn and Nazarov. I discovered the effect infused materials have on the central nervous system. It is unlikely the experts they asked know anything about this technology. I am one of a small group of people who have seen the technology. Our physicists are the experts in this technology.

Their experts also claim there is no link between quantum physics and biology. There is plenty of research to counter their claim. The Physics book “Life on the Edge: the coming age of quantum biology”, by a famous UK physicist Jim Al Khalili. It is a compilation of the research up to 2016. I personally subscribe to the Journal Nature Physics which regularly reviews and publishes research on this subject.

8. CBC viewer comments:

Just after the Dragons Den airing, the NeuroReset Facebook page was filled with scurrilous comments about me, the technology and the testing procedure. The taping lasted 45 minutes with multiple demonstrations and explanations of the technology. The Dragons Den segment that was aired lasted 8 ½ minutes and had an incomplete explanation, and this contributed to misunderstanding, resulting in negative comments from people who have no knowledge of the science or the diagnostic procedures. The social media commentators recommended everyone contact Health Canada, and the CBC to complain. The Dragons are intelligent men and women. They were not duped. They remarked extensively on the testing procedures during the taping. Three of them experienced it firsthand. For the CBC to suggest the dragons were duped by me, is an insult to those intelligent and successful individuals. The illusionist asked to explain the “trick” testing procedure has no understanding of correct function neurological testing and the use of homolateral crawl testing to assess cerebellar response.

“CBC viewers who have contacted us and even some experts we talked to have characterized your product as ‘deceptive’, ‘snake oil’ and ‘an old parlor trick.’”
– Szeto

9. Question from the producer:

“At the interview, Virginia asked you if she could see any of your studies. You said you couldn’t show her any — that your body of work is part of patient files. Can you please confirm this is the case? Can you elaborate how you conducted the tests, and how you documented the results? Additionally, how many people did you test on?”
– Szeto

I cannot reveal my patient records to the CBC. I have run thousands of tests using core chiropractic diagnostic methods alongside QAT. The summation of my findings was published Jan 2016. In addition, I did not mention the studies we ran using TruBalance insole technology last March, which verified the functional neurology testing procedures both graphically and numerically. In April 2017, one athlete used a proven biomechanics assessment designed especially for her sport. After a year of testing other methods to improve her metrics, she testified of an instant measurable improvement and continues to use the devices. A recent study on a Swedish golf professional demonstrated an instant 4 mph improvement in club-head speed and 4% improvement in torque. This test was done using state of the art testing high-speed camera, balance, pressure, and torque methodology and was verified by the director of research who has promised to initiate a research opportunity for us to do an intense study in the next month. We have recently purchased a software program which integrates 3D camera technology and force mat technology to begin studies on balance. Additionally, this Belgium based company has offered to collaborate with us as they continue their development of specialized medical software to diagnose balance problems in seniors. This study begins immediately. We are using APDM technology using BESTest balance testing research on seniors in March 2018.

10. Functional Neurology question:

“You say you use functional neurology as part of your practice — even though experts have told us it’s a pseudo-science. Critics say the tests used are not measurable. The main chiropractic school in Ontario does not include Function Neurology as part of its core curriculum. We would appreciate any comments you may have in relation to the above.”
– Szeto

Functional neurology (FN) is well understood. For example, the basic patella reflex test is functional neurology. The patella tendon is tapped to induce a reflex response of the quadriceps muscle. A lack of this reflex may denote compromised L4 nerve conduction, hence the function of this neurological circuit is compromised. This and many other forms of functional neurology are taught in all chiropractic colleges. For example, leg length deficiency test is a functional neurology test to determine the side of subluxation. The most commonly used chiropractic technique is called Activator technique. It relies on FN to determine where to treat the spine.

Most of the 200 plus chiropractic techniques taught at a postgraduate level use some form of functional neurological testing. Advance forms of FN have been researched at length. Applied Kinesiology, SOT – Cranial Sacral, Motion palpation, Brain Gym and Masgutova Neurosensory Motor reflex testing and integration to mention a few. A good book to read on this subject is called “Receptor-Based Solutions: Functional Neurology Every Doctor Should Know.” A good literature review paper is Expanding the Neurological Examination using Functional Neurologic Assessment by Walter H Schmitt Jr and Samuel F Yanuck: Intern. J. Neuroscience,1999, Vol 97, pp77-108. It reviews some of the work of Prof. G Leisman and others.   Search using “functional neurology” in most neuroscience journals will reveal thousands of papers on the subject. I own at least six textbooks on the subject. I personally know a neuropsychologist who uses FN to help children with learning and developmental disabilities.

Functional Neurology is certainly not a pseudo-science.


  1. The devices presented on Dragons Den are new and unique.
  2. The physicists who developed our devices have over 30 years of scientific research and 75 peer-reviewed studies. The CBC asked experts to make comments on a technology of which they have no knowledge.
  3. I have extensively researched the effect of the materials infused by their technology and how it improves neurological function.
  4. My research is based on the foundation of 36 + years of experience using traditional chiropractic examination techniques and treatments.
  5. I have exhaustively compared the outcome of traditional chiropractic diagnosis and treatment and have determined that QAT (Quantum Alignment Technique) is an accurate and effective method of evaluating the patient’s condition.
  6. Neuro Connect treatment devices (QAT) and the wearable devices (Neuro Connect LifeStyle) are equally effective. I teach patients how to use the self-treatment protocol in my book maintain spinal function in order to reduce the need for frequent chiropractic manipulation.
  7. The QAT book, published in Jan 2016, is a summary of all my research findings. It has been available to the public to review for over two years. I am writing the second edition at present.
  8. The CBC researcher (Szeto) and the interviewer were not familiar with functional neurology, the science, and the contents of my published findings.
  9. The CBC double-blind study was done using incorrect methods.
  10. They have accused me of using parlour tricks and attempted to discredit me by interviewing an illusionist who had no understanding of functional neurological testing.
  11. The CBC has defamed me based on incorrect research and a lack of comprehension of the testing methods and a lack of understanding of the physics behind the technology.
  12. For the CBC suggest there is no link between our biological system, neurology, and quantum physics, suggests a lack of awareness on their part and the experts they interviewed.