HEALTH & WELLNESS Posted by dmetus1 May 16th, 2018

Neuro Connect™ ONE Clip – Muscle and Joint – Single Clip

Neuro Connect™ ONE technology helps optimize muscle and joint function improving your ability to balance, control movement and maintain strength.

Whether you stand at work or have to bend to reach, you want all your muscle and joint to function optimally.

Wear ONE Clip and get back to the activities you love!

Neuro Connect™ ONE clip can be worn clipped to the front of the shirt or blouse on the midline of the body.

Not to be worn when sleeping.

Neuro Connect™ Lifestyle Clips – Muscle and Joint – 3 Devices for maximum flexibility

Neuro Connect™ LifeStyle devices helps optimize muscle and joint function, improving your ability to balance, control movement and maintain strength
Wear one clip or all three.

Wear three clips if you need extra enhancement for heavy physical work or playing sports.

Devices are to be clipped to the shirt or blouse at the midline of the body when wearing one clip, and to the outside of each angle, either on the shoe laces or pant leg, or the top of socks when wearing all three clips.

Not to be worn when sleeping. When wearing one device, ensure the other two are kept separate and not clipped together.

Neuro Connect™ LifeStyle Clips – Muscle and Joint  for everyday activities such as sports, housework, gardening and manual work.

  • Whether you stand at work or have to bend over or reach, you want all your muscles and joints to function optimally.

There are many sensory nerve fibers in our joints and they continually converse with the brain.

Repeated clinic-based studies on many patients have shown that Neuro Connect™ LifeStyle and Neuro Connect™ ONE devices may increase the connectivity of the nerve receptors in your joints to the brain. Proper nerve flow results in the delivery of messages to your muscles so they can function properly.

Hundreds of clinic-based GAIT-muscle functional examinations have demonstrated that Neuro Connect™ LifeStyle and Neuro Connect ONE devices may enhance your ability to use the correct muscles while walking, working in the garden or while playing sports.





My experience with these 3 little clips has been nothing short of life changing and amazing!

Last fall we took a ten day holiday in our R.V. to the East coast. I was totally amazed that after all those days of sitting. Sometimes I’ve lost a clip and gone for days without. I can’t believe the difference it makes when I put them back on, nor can I understand how they make such a big difference… what I do know is they work and that nothing else has maintained the strength and health of my back the way they do.  


Balance. Strength. Control.

Improve your balance and muscle function.