NEURO CONNECT GOLF Posted by dmetus1 March 13th, 2018

Optimize the function of your core and muscles in the mechanics of the golf swing

Neuro Connect™ Golf. An entirely new and revolutionary scientific discovery.

I have experienced never ending XX/XX XXXXX pain with some XXXXXXXX for over 25 years. Tried massage, acupuncture, laser, decompression table, even the hyper baric chamber to name a few. Nothing relieved my issues.  Being a competitive low handicap golfer, the pain affected my swing in an adverse way. When I got to the top of my backswing, I did not want to come down because it would hurt. Absolutely could not believe the difference when I put on these clips. Right away I could finish my swing with no issues. Totally freed my body and mind up. I can even practice again hitting a full bucket of balls with no pain. Unbelievable. I wear these clips everyday, not just when golfing. Have not had any issues since I started wearing them. I believe my walking is even better. So, anyone who has a back like mine- you better try these. It’s magic in my mind.   Mike

Developed by Dr. Mark L Metus, BSc DC. Chiropractor specializing in Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Yury Knonn PhD (Physics), Dr. Igor Nazarov PhD (Physics).   Winner of 2017 PGA Merchandise Show Inventors Spotlight Award

Not only does Neuro Connect™ increase balance and therefore result in longer and better shots, but, most importantly for me, the the system works.   Bill Patterson, C.G.T.F. Professional

What if?

What if you own the best golf equipment but your body doesn’t function optimally?

What if you could improve muscle and joint function just by swinging a golf club?

What if your putter could interact with your nervous system?

The Neuro Connect™ Solution

Kinesiology testing procedures indicate Neuro Connect™ technology may help to optimize muscle and joint function during the golf swing. A correct golf swing can:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Performance
  • Balance
  • Consistency

The infused material attracts subtle energy at a high rate and safely distributes it throughout the body at a specific frequency that can make the nervous system more attentive to the nerve receptors in every joint and muscle. Optimized muscle and joint function may allow the body to perform correctly. Safe to use and there are virtually no side effects. (See FAQ page)

Neuro Connect™ Golf Clips

Neuro Connect™ Golf Clips / Devices consist of a set of 4 clips have been infused with a trademarked subtle energy pattern that intersects with your nervous system.

One clip is worn on the mid-line of your golf shirt with the other two clips are worn at the bottom of your pant legs or shorts or on your shoes or socks.

The 4th clip can is placed on your putter which connects with the energy pattern of the other 3 clips and may help with your accuracy and feel while putting. See the testimonial page.

Neuro Connect™ INFUSED Shaft Bands

The Neuro Connect™ INFUSED Shaft Bands are fitted just below each grip. A field emitted by the shaft bands intersects with the central nervous system when the club is swung around the body.

The frequency pattern they emit means the CNS of the player is connected to the club.

I must say the INFUSED shaft bands on the clubs were amazing!!!

I’ve never hit the ball so solidly so consistently ever. I had fantastic balance on the backswing and follow through. I am so excited to play again. It will be interesting to see the difference they can make for the average amateur vs a professional golfer?  

L.Y 2018

After a week on the west coast, my string of consecutive 75’s continued today, making this 3 in a row.  Never been this consistent in my 49 years playing golf. Keep well!    


This is getting scary!

 Second 75 in a row.  4 birdies due to spot on irons and red hot putter.  Way too much fun!Off to Vancouver for a week, and can’t wait to get back on the course.   

Well, I’m really enjoying this!

Managed 5 full games and 6 more 9’s this first month.  Averaging 2 less putts, hitting 1 more fairway. Fri was 78 without a double bogey on 18.  Today was even more fun! Started with 4 birdies in the first 7 holes!  Ran out of gas for 1 under par front and 5 over back. 75 was delicious!  The short game is deadly accurate.
Many thanks!   

It is recommended to use Neuro Connect™ Infused Shaft Bands separately from Neuro Connect™Golf Clips and Putter Device.
***Do not use together***


What a wonderful product for the golf industry! Not only does Neuro Connect™ increase balance and therefore result in longer and better shots, but, most importantly for me, the system reduces pain. As a 72-year-old golf pro that suffers from XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX which has resulted in spinal fusion, the Neuro Connect™ devices have been a Godsend. I have tested the system throughout all of the 2016 season with astonishing results.

The ball flies further because of increased mobility and balance, and what a pleasure it is to golf pain free. We all know the golf population is aging. Older golfers don’t have the flexibility they once had but with the Neuro Connect™ system my flexibility has increased due to less muscle tension. Even my putting has improved! When a fourth device was attached to my putter for the first time, instantly I started to release the putter head better. Nothing like making a couple of long ones during a round! Can an energy field help improve your game? Try it and you will instantly feel and see the difference. 

Bill Patterson, CGTF Professional

Balance. Strength. Control.

Improve your balance and muscle function.