Players testify to a real connection with the club head, and describe improved putter head release, control, and accuracy

Posted by dmetus1 November 19th, 2017

The Neuro Connect™ Golf Difference

Neuro Connect™ addresses 3 common swing deficiencies.

Dr Mark Metus, was looking for a way to help his patients maintain their chiropractic adjustments, because he observed that many of them returned with the same bio-mechanical faults despite having regular treatment. When those same patients used Neuro Connect™ devices, they required less treatment and their spinal function improved dramatically. Even those with worn arthritic joints or replacement joints benefited. It was so successful that Neuro Connect™ was tested on golfers.

Golfers were tested using kinesiological procedures to determine the efficiency of the muscles involved in the kinematic sequence of the swing. Most of them had deficiencies which included:

  • At the setup, at 1/3 back swing, and 3/4 back swing positions, and/or the reciprocal follow-through positions.
  • Poor pelvic and lower spine function reduces the proper use of the muscles and joints involved in the golf swing. During the weight transfer your body compensates by recruiting other muscles and therefore changing the mechanics of your golf swing.
  • These weaknesses usually result in common golf swing malfunctions such as swaying, head lift, and falling backward at impact.

Neuro Connect™ Golf clips and Neuro Connect™ INFUSED shaft bands optimize muscle and joint function during your golf swing, which should help enhance your balance, accuracy, and performance.

The INFUSED Shaft Bands are fitted just below each grip. A field emitted by the shaft bands intersects with the Central Nervous System when the club is swung around the body. The nature of the physics involved means the CNS of the player is connected to the club head by a phenomenon called quantum entanglement. This property is imparted by the instruments used by the physicists to modify the atomic structure of components of the shaft band. Players testify to a real connection with the club head, and describe improved putter head release, control, and accuracy.

The Neurological Implications

All muscles and joints are monitored and regulated by nerve receptors which are embedded within our tissues. They are generally known as proprioceptors. The central nervous system constantly picks up signals from these receptors and this determines how our muscles respond to any given action. During the golf swing, if all the receptors perform well, the nervous system can respond by providing a precise response from the swing related muscles.

Testing a Long Drive Specialist

These videos show how the devices can be used to correct swing biomechanics.

Whatever your sport, the same kind of biomechanical corrections takes place. Dr. Mark Metus developed this technology for his patients to wear between treatments to reduce the number of chiropractic treatments required for them to get better. Wearing the devices keeps the neurological connections from our joints and muscles to the Central Nervous System functioning optimally. This means less treatment is required overall.

Neuro Connect™ Golf Demo Part 1: Testing Riley’s Back

Neuro Connect™ Golf Demo Part 2: Testing Riley’s Neck using INFUSED Golf Shaft Technology

Neuro Connect™ Golf Demo Part 3: Showing Riley the Self-Treatment Protocol

Balance. Strength. Control.

Get immediate improvement in your balance and muscle function.


Neuro Connect™ devices do not cure disease. Neuro Connect™ devices should never be used as a substitute for treatment carried out by a registered therapist which is based upon a sound diagnosis.