Players testify to a real connection with the club head, and describe improved putter head release, control, and accuracy

Posted by dmetus1 February 20th, 2018

The Neuro Connect™ Golf Difference

Neuro Connect™ addresses 3 common swing deficiencies.

Dr Mark Metus, was looking for a way to help his patients maintain their chiropractic adjustments, because he observed that many of them returned with the same bio-mechanical faults despite having regular treatment. When those same patients used Neuro Connect™ devices, they required less treatment and their spinal function improved dramatically. It was so successful that Neuro Connect™ was tested on golfers.

Golfers were tested using kinesiological procedures to determine the efficiency of the muscles involved in the kinematic sequence of the swing. Most of them had deficiencies which included:

  • At the setup, at 1/3 back swing, and 3/4 back swing positions, and/or the reciprocal follow-through positions.
  • Poor pelvic and lower spine function reduces the proper use of the muscles and joints involved in the golf swing. During the weight transfer your body compensates by recruiting other muscles and therefore changing the mechanics of your golf swing.
  • These weaknesses usually result in common golf swing malfunctions such as swaying, head lift, and falling backward at impact.

Neuro Connect™ Golf clips and Neuro Connect™ INFUSED shaft bands may help to optimize muscle and joint function during your golf swing, which should help enhance your balance, accuracy, and performance.

The INFUSED Shaft Bands are fitted just below each grip. The frequency emitted by the shaft bands intersects with the Central Nervous System when the club is swung around the body. The nature of the physics involved means the CNS of the player may be resonating with the club head. This property is imparted by the instruments used by the physicists to modify the atomic structure of components of the shaft band. Players testify to a real connection with the club head, and describe improved putter head release, control, and accuracy.

The Neurological Implications

All muscles and joints are monitored and regulated by nerve receptors which are embedded within our tissues. They are generally known as proprioceptors. The central nervous system constantly picks up signals from these receptors and this determines how our muscles respond to any given action. During the golf swing, if all the receptors perform well, the nervous system can respond by providing a precise response from the swing related muscles.

Testing a Long Drive Specialist

These videos show how the devices can be used to correct swing biomechanics.

Whatever your sport, the same kind of biomechanical corrections takes place. Dr. Mark Metus developed this technology for his patients to wear between treatments to reduce the number of chiropractic treatments required for them to get better. Wearing the devices may help to keep the neurological connections from our joints and muscles to the Central Nervous System functioning optimally. This means less treatment is required overall.

Neuro Connect™ Golf Demo Part 1: Testing Riley’s Back
Neuro Connect™ Golf Demo Part 2: Testing Riley’s Neck using INFUSED Golf Shaft Technology
Neuro Connect™ Golf Demo Part 3: Showing Riley the Self-Treatment Protocol


You have to try it to believe it.   I had a XXXXX 5 years ago which left me with limited ability to my left leg and only about 30-40% of my balance.  I walked most of the time with a shuffle and could not carry anything and walk at the same time and would lose my balance bending over to pick things up.

A friend gave me one of these to try and almost instantly I felt more confident and stable.  I am walking now not shuffling, able to pick up things without losing my balance and the best part is that I can carry boxes and walk at the same time with no discomfort or pressure on my hips. I definitely recommend this product.  

Bob Mason

I was visiting my cousin in Canada and we were talking about things that can help our body feel better, and got on the subject of balance.
I told her I can stand on my right foot to put on my jeans but I can’t stand on my left foot and keep my balance. She did a test on me to see if I could put one foot in front of the other and keep my balance, of course I couldn’t.

Then she had me lunge one foot out and then the other which showed my balance was really off. Then she attached the Balance clip on my shirt and I tried the test again and I was amazed how much better my balance was.

Now that I am older my balance is more important than ever and this has helped me so much. I wear it regularly now. I don’t understand how it works and it doesn’t matter to me as long as it works. I think anyone that has a balance problem should definitely give this a try.   

Marilyn Thompson, Sadler

 I suffered for years! I have had back pain for several years due to XXXXXXXXX. It affected my golf and curling. After Chiropractic treatments to relieve the pain, I tried wearing the three Neuro Connect devices while Curling and noticed much less pain and better balance while on the ice. I’m anxious to try them on the golf course this season.    

Back Feels 95% Better! My back feels 95% better after a round of golf when I wear the devices. Now, I have no pain during the game. For more that 2 years I used to have to take pain killers to drive home after a round of golf, now I get out of the car without any pain. Overall my body feels looser. I highly recommend these devices.    

Don MacDonald (14 hcp)

Better Balance!  I have been wearing the devices for 3 weeks. I have much less leg pain and I am now able to run down stairs with confidence. I have noticed I have better balance.    

S.G ( age 77 )

I was Skeptical at First!  I recently had the chance to play with a full set of 4 of the devices. I had previously played with 3 and undoubtedly noticed a difference in my ability to think about my desired shot and then execute it more consistently. When adding the fourth device to my putter during my most recent round, I felt like my putter was a closer extension of my body. I really noticed a greater ability to judge and deliver the correct weight and line to the putt. Overall, when using the devices I felt more in tune to my clubs. I also experienced less effort to maintain my swing consistency. This really reduces those big swing errors that can leave you reaching for another ball. I must admit I was sceptical at first; but from experiencing golf swing muscle test demonstrations and then using the devices first hand, there’s no doubt every golfer will want to use this technology.   

NMM – 9 handicap

It Makes Sense!  There was no doubt that my golf swing muscles were extremely weak when tested, but they strengthened immediately when I wore the devices. It makes sense to me that practicing and playing with muscles that perform properly is going to benefit every golfer. What I noticed the most is that I putted lights.   

Myles Bradford, CPGA Head Golf Professional

What a Wonderful Product for the Golf Industry! Not only does Neuro Connect increase balance and therefore result in longer and better shots, but, most importantly for me, the system reduces pain. As a 72-year-old golf pro that suffers from XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX which has resulted in spinal fusion, the Neuro Connect devices have been a Godsend. I have tested the system throughout all of the 2016 season with astonishing results.

The ball flies further because of increased mobility and balance, and what a pleasure it is to golf pain free. We all know the golf population is aging. Older golfers don’t have the flexibility they once had but with the Neuro Connect system, my flexibility has increased due to less muscle tension. Even my putting has improved! When a fourth device was attached to my putter for the first time, instantly I started to release the putter head better. Nothing like making a couple of long ones during a round! Can an energy field help improve your game? Try it and you will instantly feel and see the difference. 

Bill Patterson, C.G.T.F. Professional

Balance. Strength. Control.

The devices may help to improve your balance and muscle function.