Arm Pain Relief

Posted by NeuroReset Inc. October 1st, 2020

Use your arms freely and without debilitating pain!

Until you experience constant or chronic pain in your arms, you may not fully appreciate what they do for you every day. Without fully functional arms, you wouldn’t be able to drive, prepare food, get dressed, work, and so much more, so dealing with arm pain can be a debilitating, frustrating experience. Are you ready for arm pain relief outside of prescription medications and rehabilitative methods? People can’t say enough good things about our new pain relief spray – Neuro Connect™ ACTIVE.

Arm Pain Relief

When it comes to arm pain relief, this spray provides almost instant relief from bruises, sprains, and localized muscle pain. This unique spray contains Arnica Montana, which The European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy and the European Medicines Agency have concluded as safe and effective for pain relief.

How can you use Neuro Connect™ ACTIVE for arm pain relief in your daily life? Here are a few ideas:

  • Use it for bruising or other injuries, as long as the wounds are not open
  • Spray it on whenever you feel muscle stiffness coming on
  • Use the spray when you experience muscle pain after periods of overuse

This spray can also help with back and neck pain, joint pain and dysfunction, playground bumps and strains, bruises and injuries, and more.

At NeuroReset Inc., we want to help you reduce your dependence on anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers! For more information about this new and effective spray or to make your first purchase, click here.

Common Questions About Our Pain Relief Spray

Many of our customers at NeuroReset Inc. can’t say enough good things about our pain relief spray. If you are eager to try it out for yourself, you likely still have questions about what it does, what is in it, how it works, etc. We answered a few of our most frequently asked questions below, so check them out if you want more information.

When should I use this spray?

Use this spray when you sustain a bruise or another injury or when you feel muscle stiffness coming on. You can also use this spray when you experience muscle pain after an intense workout or after a period of strenuous work.

What is the main ingredient in your pain relief spray?

The main ingredient in our pain relief spray is Arnica Montana, which you can find in mountainous regions throughout Europe. The European Medicine Agency and European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy have both determined that this ingredient is safe and effective for pain relief.

Are there any restrictions on using this spray?

You can use this spray nearly anywhere on your body frequently. The only restriction is that you should not spray it on open cuts or wounds.

Can children use this pain relief spray?

In some cases, this spray can provide relief for playground bumps and bruises. Talk to your doctor before you use this spray to help your children.

Can this spray help me ease off pain medications?

This pain relief spray can help reduce chronic pain. Again, talk to your doctor before you make any decisions about prescription medications.

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