Back Pain Relief

Posted by NeuroReset Inc. September 11th, 2020

Make progress towards relieving chronic back pain.

Nothing slows you down quite like back pain! Whether it comes on suddenly or it is a constant part of your everyday life, you may feel like you have tried everything to find some relief. You want to get back to living a fulfilling, active lifestyle, and at NeuroReset Inc., our pain relief spray – Neuro Connect™ ACTIVE – can help you get there.

Back Pain Relief

How does our spray for back pain relief work? You simply spray it directly on the area bothering you and let the power of Arnica Montana and calming cedarwood work their magic. This one-of-a-kind spray can provide back pain relief from soreness, stiffness, bruises, and other issues that have kept you from doing what you love.

Made with all-natural ingredients, this simple spray makes back pain relief more than possible. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! Many users report they reduce their dependence on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs with use of the spray. Even if you do not struggle with back pain on a chronic level, having our spray on hand for those instances in which your back hurts or gets stiff or sore is a great way to continue what you are doing without worrying about pain getting in your way.

Offering pain relief where you need it most, Neuro Connect™ ACTIVE makes quick and effective back pain relief a possibility. Click here to find out more about this great product or give us a call directly if you have additional questions!

Your Questions About Our Pain Relief Spray Answered

Our pain relief spray is one of our most popular products at NeuroReset Inc. Before you try it out for yourself, check out some of the questions we get asked most about it. You can also contact us directly if you want more information.

How do you use this spray?

Using this spray is easy! All you have to do is spray it directly on the affected area and wait for it to work. Do not spray it on any open wounds or cuts.

How often can you apply this pain relief spray?

Anytime you experience pain or discomfort in a certain area. We suggest using it either after an injury or before you feel pain coming on.

Does this spray work for more than back pain?

Yes! You can use it to relieve back pain as well as joint pain and dysfunction, muscle pain and stiffness, swollen and inflamed joints, sports injuries, playground bumps and bruises, and more.

Does this spray provide instant relief?

This spray works quickly. You may notice that it starts working soon after you apply it to the affected area.

What are the main ingredients in this spray?

This spray includes 20% Arnica and 2% Cedarwood Essential Oil. Arnica is an anti-inflammatory perennial found throughout mountainous areas in Europe. Cedarwood Essential Oil is widely used for aromatherapy purposes. Both are safe and effective when used in our pain relief spray.