Muscle Pain Relief

Find relief from sore, strained, and painful muscles.

Muscle pain can inhibit your productivity and make it harder for you to do the activities you enjoy. Even simple actions, like sitting at your office chair, are much more difficult with throbbing muscle pain in your neck or lower back. You may have tried everything to find some level of muscle pain relief, from prescription medications to ongoing physical therapy, but you still aren’t at the point where you feel like you have consistent reprieve from your pain.

Muscle Pain Relief

At NeuroReset Inc., our selection of groundbreaking, innovative products can help you reach a new level of muscle pain relief. Our NeuroConnect™ devices improve the pathways that your muscles and joints use to communicate with the brain. This helps your brain effectively respond to sensory input that controls your muscle movements and helps them relax, resulting in sustained pain relief. Ultimately, when you optimize your neuropathways, you can enhance muscle and joint function and eliminate blockages that can result in discomfort and pain.

You can use our NeuroConnect™ devices for daily muscle pain relief as well as to improve joint function and balance for activities that require more exertion. For example, many of our customers use these devices when they run, hike, walk their dog, garden, or do housework to prevent injury and optimize physical performance.

Make muscle pain a reality by trying out one of our NeuroConnect™ devices for yourself. If you have questions or want to know more about why these devices work, contact us today.


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