Seniors Muscle Pain

Make muscle pain as you age a thing of the past.

As you age, it is natural to slow down. While you accept this, muscle pain shouldn’t get in the way of doing what you want! For seniors muscle pain relief without painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs, give Neuro Connect™ ACTIVE a try. This innovative and effective spray from NeuroReset Inc. makes quick and effective seniors muscle pain relief possible.

Seniors Muscle Pain

You can use this pain relief spray anywhere pain is bothering you. For example, you can spray it on your back after a long day of gardening results in spasms and stiffness. You can spray it on your legs before a longer hike to enhance your mobility and prevent muscle soreness from getting in your way. Wherever you use this spray, quick and effective pain relief becomes a possibility.

Our pain relief spray contains two primary ingredients: Arnica Montana and cedarwood oil. Arnica Montana is beneficial when used as an anti-inflammatory and is found throughout mountainous regions in Europe. Cedarwood oil is used in aromatherapy for relieving minor skin irritations, joint/muscle pain, bruises and burns, and other painful conditions. Combined, these two ingredients make pain relief where you need it possible!

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that chronic and debilitating muscle pain should get in the way of your daily life. For seniors muscle pain that works outside of medications and rehabilitative exercises, give Neuro Connect™ ACTIVE a try. We are always happy to answer your questions and encourage you to click here to find out more.