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Posted by dmetus1 November 19th, 2017

Noelle Wansborough

Neuro Connect Ambassador


I am a competitive cyclist and had been experiencing left leg fatigue when riding at high efforts on the bike. I had pretty much exhausted all my options with various types of therapy, tests, and treatments with no significant changes. Dr. Metus was able to determine quickly that the leg issue stemmed from a pelvic imbalance due to a locked right SI joint. I work out on an indoor high tech cycling system called Powerwatts. One of the features is a computerized screen showing cyclists power, rpm and right and leg power balance. After my appointment with Mark, my Powerwatts workout was a whole different experience. I wore the balance clip and the right and left leg balance was (50/50) compared to previous workouts at (40/60). It was interesting to be able to witness a measurable improvement with the clips and the Powerwatts system. 

Noelle Wansbrough-Pedalpushers Cycling




Noelle Wansbrough – coach/owner has over 20 years experience in competitive cycling and bike touring. Achievements include podium finishes at the Canadian National Championships, Centurion Canada, Canada Cup , Ontario Cup and B.C. Cup Mountain bike races. Noelle has been named Centurion Canada’s and Move Canada’s “Inspirational Coach” for 2013 and is dedicated to promoting cycling and fitness for all levels of riders on and off road.


Four time Masters Provincial Champion-Mountain Bike

2014 Centurion Blue Mountain 50M-1st place overall women

Silver medalist-Canadian National Championships 2013-Masters Mountain Bike

2013 Centurion Blue Mountain 100M-6th overall women-1st place age group

2012 Centurion Horseshoe Valley C100km-3rd place overall women

2011 Centurion Blue Mountain C100 mile road race-3rd place overall women

2011 & 2009 Ontario Cup Series Winner-Mountain Bike

2011 &2009 Canada Cup Winner-Masters Mountain Bike


National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Certified Coach

Certified Powerwatts Cycling Coach

CCP Community Initiation – Lets Ride Coach

Performance Pedal Coach-Active Life Conditioning

Crossfit Endurance Ride Coach-Crossfit Indestri

Mtn bike coach-Active Life Conditioning Multi-sport camps

Youth program director- Collingwood Cycling Club

Centurion Canada’s “Inspirational Coach” 2013

Move Canada Coach 2014

Champion Systems Test Team

Cycling columnist Mountain Life Magazine

Owner and Coach, Pedal Pushers


Balance. Strength. Control.

Get immediate improvement in your balance and muscle function.


Neuro Connect™ devices do not cure disease. Neuro Connect™ devices should never be used as a substitute for treatment carried out by a registered therapist which is based upon a sound diagnosis.