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About the Benefits of Neuro Connect

Posted by dmetus1 March 13th, 2018

I’ve had no falls since I started wearing the Neuro Connect ONE clips.

My name is Jennifer and I’ve been a nurse for thirty-two years. I met Mark at the Zoomer show in Toronto. I told Mark about the history of my back surgery many years ago and my ongoing problems with that, and how my balance and dizziness has increased recently and caused me to have three bad falls. Mark demonstrated his product to me and told me to try it and see if it helped me.  All I can say is wow! I can’t say if it’s helped anyone else but boy have I seen a big difference in me.  My balance is better and my xxxxxxxx is gone. I’ve had no falls since I started wearing the Neuro Connect ONE clips.  I have more energy at work.  I don’t know how it works but it does.  Thank you Mark you’ve helped my life, your product is fantastic. I know it won’t fix my spine but it has made my life a lot better and easier.  I recommend this product to everyone.



February 2018

Wear the clips and I feel they help

I saw your segment on Dragons Den, and ordered your product right after the show. Wear the clips and I feel they help. Also saw market place about your product, all I can say is I believe they are a benefit to me. Joe W.

February 2018

Less issues and more energy

I’ve been using the Lifestyle clips for about 3 months now. I find they are helping me have less xxx xxxx on a daily basis and I’m also having fewer xxxxxxxxxx. Wearing them hiking and doing outdoor activities has been great. Less issues and more energy. Great news for me.


February 2018

I am walking well without any issues

NeuroConnect, I received the cancellation of my order for the golf clips and was so disappointed. I have a set of the three clips and the first day I wore them, the issues had left my XXXX.  I thought this is all in my mind but it isn’t. I am 92 years old and my knee is bone on bone so they tell me and XXXXXXXXX as well with a XXXX XXXXXXX. I am walking without issues.  I was hoping to get the golf clips for my son who runs half marathons and plays golf twice a week or more. He is 69 years old. You had to cancel the order for the clips but wondered if I can still order the bands for the golf clubs?  Also could the regular clips which I have be used by a golfer without the fourth one to go onto the putter?  I have just printed off the information regarding MarketPlace. I used to believe in that show but was appalled at all the wrong information. I certainly hope things work out for NeuroReset as I am so happy to use a product that does not require taking pills.

Jessie P.

January 2018

You have to try it to believe it

I had a XXXXX 5 years ago which left me with limited ability to my left leg and only about 30-40% of my balance.  I walked most of the time with a XXXXXXX and could not carry anything and walk at the same time and would lose my balance bending over to pick things up.
A friend gave me one of these to try and almost instantly I felt more confident and stable.  I am now walking well, able to pick up things without losing my balance and the best part is that I can carry boxes and walk at the same time with no discomfort or pressure on my hips.
I definitely recommend this product.

Bob Mason

I was amazed how much better my balance was.

I was visiting my cousin in Canada and we were talking about things that can help our body feel better, and got on the subject of balance.
I told her I can stand on my right foot to put on my jeans but I can’t stand on my left foot and keep my balance. She did a test on me to see if I could put one foot in front of the other and keep my balance, of course I couldn’t.

Then she had me lunge one foot out and then the other which showed my balance was really off. Then she attached the Balance clip on my shirt and I tried the test again and I was amazed how much better my balance was.

Now that I am older my balance is more important than ever and this has helped me so much. I wear it regularly now. I don’t understand how it works and it doesn’t matter to me as long as it works. I think anyone that has a balance problem should definitely give this a try. Marilyn Thompson


I wear it regularly now. I don’t understand how it works…as long as it works.

I just wanted to share my experience with the Balance Clip I recently purchased after watching the presentation on Dragons Den.  I’ve been living with XX for 29 years and I’m very lucky to still be able to walk with the assistance of a cane or walker or by hanging onto walls and or furniture. After watching the presentation on Dragons Den I was eager to give the Balance Clip a try to see if I would get any benefit from it. Once I received it I eagerly clipped it on my collar and walked across the room and could immediately tell that my legs didn’t feel so heavy.  Anyone living with XX will know what I’m talking about.  To be sure it wasn’t a placebo effect my wife placed the clip on the back of my shirt so I wouldn’t know if I was wearing it or not.  So with no knowledge of knowing I headed across the room once more.  Within the few steps I could tell it was still clipped on.  We did this numerous times and each time I was able  to detect when I wasn’t wearing the clip.

I’m in no way going to say that my results are going to be the same for anyone else by any means but for the minor cost of the device I’m very happy to have spent the money and I hope with the financial and professional help by the Dragons this product goes on to help many different people.

Now that I am older my balance is more important than ever and this has helped me so much. I wear it regularly now. I don’t understand how it works and it doesn’t matter to me as long as it works. I think anyone that has a balance problem should definitely give this a try.

Bill D.

January 2018

 I suffered for years!

I have had back pain for several years due to XXXXXXXXX. It affected my golf and curling. After Chiropractic treatments to relieve the pain, I tried wearing the three Neuro Connect devices while Curling and noticed XXXX XXXX XXXX and better balance while on the ice. I’m anxious to try them on the golf course this season.

AF (female age 76)

Great for my Back! 

My back feels XXX XXXXXX after a round of golf when I wear the devices. Now, I have no issues during the game. For more that 2 years I used to have to take pain killers to drive home after a round of golf, now I get out of the car without any issues. Overall my body feels looser. I highly recommend these devices.

Don MacDonald (14 hcp)

Better Balance

I have been wearing the devices for 3 weeks. I have much less leg xxxx and I am now able to run down stairs with confidence. I have noticed I have better balance.

S.G ( age 77 )

I was Skeptical at First!

I recently had the chance to play with a full set of 4 of the devices. I had previously played with 3 and undoubtedly noticed a difference in my ability to think about my desired shot and then execute it more consistently. When adding the fourth device to my putter during my most recent round, I felt like my putter was a closer extension of my body. I really noticed a greater ability to judge and deliver the correct weight and line to the putt. Overall, when using the devices I felt more in tune to my clubs. I also experienced less effort to maintain my swing consistency. This really reduces those big swing errors that can leave you reaching for another ball. I must admit I was sceptical at first; but from experiencing golf swing muscle test demonstrations and then using the devices first hand, there’s no doubt every golfer will want to use this technology. NMM – 9 handicap

It Makes Sense

There was no doubt that my golf swing muscles were extremely weak when tested, but they strengthened immediately when I wore the devices. It makes sense to me that practicing and playing with muscles that perform properly is going to benefit every golfer. What I noticed the most is that I putted lights out.

Myles Bradford

CPGA Head Golf Professional

What a wonderful product for the Golf industry!

Not only does Neuro Connect increase balance and therefore result in longer and better shots, but, most importantly for me, the system XXXXXXX XXXX. As a 72-year-old golf pro that suffers from XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX which has resulted in spinal fusion, the Neuro Connect devices have been a Godsend. I have tested the system throughout all of the 2016 season with astonishing results.

The ball flies further because of increased mobility and balance, and what a pleasure it is to golf pain free. We all know the golf population is aging. Older golfers don’t have the flexibility they once had but with the Neuro Connect system, my flexibility has increased due to less muscle tension. Even my putting has improved! When a fourth device was attached to my putter for the first time, instantly I started to release the putter head better. Nothing like making a couple of long ones during a round! Can an energy field help improve your game? Try it and you will instantly feel and see the difference.

Bill Patterson

C.G.T.F. Professional

My experience with these 3 little clips has been nothing short of life changing and amazing!

The only thing that XXXXXX my XXXX, up until I got them, was a trip to the Chiropractor. As a teen I was hit in the back by a chairlift and experienced back problems since that time, gradually I reached a point of being unable to lift a book off the table or get out of bed without issue. Sitting in one position too long has always triggered bouts of XXXXXXX, XXXX and trips to the chiropractor. Last fall we took a ten day holiday in our R.V. to the East coast. I was totally amazed that after all those days of sitting my back was perfect. Sometimes I’ve lost a clip and gone for days without. I can’t believe the difference it makes when I put them back on, nor can I understand how they make such a big difference… what I do know is they work and that nothing else has maintains the strength and health of my back the way they do.


Never been this consistent in my 49 years playing golf.

1) Well, I’m really enjoying this!  Managed 5 full games and 6 more 9’s the first month.  Averaging 2 less putts, hitting 1 more fairway. Friday was 78 without a double bogey on 18.  Today was even more fun! Started with 4 birdies in the first 7 holes!  Ran out of gas for 1 under par front and 5 over back. 75 was delicious!  The short game is deadly accurate.
2) This is getting scary!  Second 75 in a row.  4 birdies due to spot on irons and red hot putter.  Way too much fun! Off to Vancouver for a week, and can’t wait to get back on the course.
3) After a week on the west coast, my string of consecutive 75’s continued today, making this 3 in a row.  Never been this consistent in my 49 years playing golf. Keep well!


I must say the INFUSED shaft bands on the clubs were amazing!!!

I’ve never hit the ball so solidly so consistently ever.
I had fantastic balance on the backswing and follow through.
I am so excited to play again.
It will be interesting to see the difference they can make for the average amateur vs a professional golfer? L.Y


Amazed at my balance!!

I went cross country skiing, w/ the clips on, for the 1st time in 20 years and the instructor was amazed at my balance!! Skating rink is great as well. M.B, Toronto

Dec 2017

Infused Shaft Bands

Not only does Neuro Connect save me money but my back (knock-on-wood) has never been in better shape.

Dear Mark,
Since you introduced me to Neuro Connect some 9 months ago, I have tested and tested and reset and reset my joints and muscles religiously almost every day.

I have tested in a golf simulator with and without the devices on and have proof that when wearing the devices I strike the golf ball much more accurately.

As you know I am a Golf Professional and teach golf to 100’s of students.
Since using the devices and now the shaft bands on my clubs, I recently won the Canadian Golf Teachers Cup (senior division) for the first time in 20 attempts. This led to the US Teachers Cup and The World Golf Teachers Cup recently in Las Vegas, where I was the Captain of the Canadian team and our team finished a respectable 3rd place. Personally I finished 10th in the senior division in the world cup-which is better than all previous attempts.

Having said all of that, that is not the best part. I have been going to the Chiropractor for 30+years usually because of playing golf. I am very aware and proactive when it comes to my back. I know when I need an adjustment so I get adjusted before a major event happens and puts me out of commission for a week or two. I often go just for a tune up because of that very reason.

Since wearing the clips and resetting every day I have only gone to the Chiropractor three times this year, and on two of those occasions he said “there is nothing wrong with your back, it is muscular”. Meaning I have hit too many balls or overworked certain muscles and really need a massage rather than an adjustment. Interestingly enough in the two previous years from January to October I had gotten adjustments 9 times and 8 times respectively.

Not only does Neuro Connect save me money but my back (knock-on-wood) has never been in better shape.
And a bonus my golf game has become more pleasurable as my scores have come down and I have won a professional tournament.

Thank you for inventing such a great product.

Sincerely, Greg Salazar PGA, CGTF, USGTF, WGTF

Salazar Golf Academy

I purchased Balance clip because I was looking for an improvement in stability.

I walk 1 km to work and some days I misstep and trip on curbs. I have to be extremely cautious and go slow so I don’t fall.

I purchased Dr. Metus’ Balance clip because I was looking for an improvement in stability. I wore it for four days and noticed big gains in my balance and coordination while walking and especially on stairs. Then I thought these improvements were due to a placebo effect, I thought I may be imagining the enhanced balance. So I didn’t wear it for five days and I noticed my balance was not as good. I put it back on and my balance was in fact much better. I walk to work with greater ease, confidence and speed. I am really enjoying the results. Thanks Dr. Metus.

K.F., Medical Office Administrator

September 2017

I walk better, I feel better.

My friends tell me I am walking better. The Lifestyle clips work for me!

P.G. Female, Age 67

September 2017

For me it works.

I feel more comfortable and my movements are more fluid and less mechanical. P.L. Male, Age 84

September 2017

Absolutely could not believe the difference…

Dear Mark
Thank you so much for an incredible product – the Neuro Connect™ devices. I have experienced never ending xxxxx issues with some xxxxxxx for over 25 years. Tried massage, acupuncture, laser, decompression table, even the hyper baric chamber to name a few. Being a competitive low handicap golfer, the xxxx affected my swing in an adverse way. When I got to the top of my backswing, I did not want to come down because it would hurt. Absolutely could not believe the difference when I put on these clips. Right away I could finish my swing with no issues. Totally freed my body and mind up. I can even practice again hitting a full bucket of balls with no issues. Unbelievable. I wear these clips everyday, not just when golfing. Have not had any issues since I started wearing them. I believe my walking is even better. So, anyone who has xxxx issues like mine- you better try these. It’s magic in my mind.


August 2017

We have a lot of hope for the future

My daughter’s diagnosis of XXXXXX injury has left us with minimal options for therapy due to the current knowledge of the brains abilities. Since using the Neuro Connect™ technology we have seen a drastic, measurable improvement and decreased spasticity allowing her to explore her mobility. Her fine and gross motor skills are improving where traditional medicine offered maintenance only. We have a lot of hope for the future thanks to Neuro Connect™.

UPDATE Aug 4 2017 : Hi Dr. Mark we are off to Easter seals camp where I will be sharing your invention whenever the opportunity presents itself. But on another note I just wanted to let you know that she continues to have more “feeling” in her hands and also this past week she rose her arms straight above her head while upright,without assistance. She has Never been able to do this before without help and she just did it without thinking about it. She was telling a story and expressing it with actions……AMAZING!! C.F., Ontario Canada

August 2017

My ankle pain was ruling my life and now I am back in charge!

I had a 14 year old ankle injury. A person stepped on to my ankle with her high healed shoes and damaged the front of my ankle – it was a severe injury and I had to be carried off the dance floor. Since then I gradually got worse and worse, and could not walk or put weight on it after work, I always wore a brace and took painkillers, and eventually had to go on disability. After getting out of car I had severe knife-like xxxxx when I started to walk. I had cortisone injections and the doctors wanted to fuse my ankle. Dr Mark used his devices on my ankle to remove the stored memory of my injury. He called it Injury Recall Technique. He touched one of his Neuro Connect™ devices to the point ankle I received the injury, and another onto the front of the other ankle. Instantly, I noted an increased range of ankle motion. Since then it has been night and day difference, physically I improved and my ankle is 90% better and it has only been 4 weeks since I had the treatment. My ankle was ruling my life and now I am back in charge. I am so relieved.

Karen Scott

August 2017

Scratch golfer uses Neuro Connect™ Golf Devices

My name is Spencer Kelly and I am a scratch golfer from Ottawa, Ontario. I was fortunate enough to try the Neuro Connect™ Golf devices because the company I work for deals directly with a professional golf fitter named Greg Phillips who is helping to test the technology. He tested the muscles of my golf swing with and without the devices, and the differences were quite shocking. When performing simple movements using a golf club, we found I had some sort of weakness in my left shoulder. This would cause havoc in my golf swing because the wrong muscles engaged in order to over come my weak spot. This weakness was essentially causing me to lose flexibility and in golf that means distance and consistency. That all changed once I used the devices. Not only was I noticeably much more stable, I was able to make a better swing. I could feel the previously weak muscles engaged and feel strong! I would recommend the Neuro Connect™ devices to anyone who wants to really see a difference in their performance. I love this product and you will too!
Spencer Kelly, Ottawa, Ontario

August 2017

Hi Greg. Just want to let you know how much I’m enjoying my new set of Maltby clubs you made for me. Finally, I have the confidence to “let the club do the work”. You may recall I purchased a set of the Neuro Connect™ Golf devices. While I have known for months that they give me more strength and balance, I didn’t realize how beneficial they are until one day I forgot to put them on. For the first 7 holes played absolutely horribly until someone said I was leaning to my right on my back swing. My initial reaction was “I don’t do that…..I’m not a complete rookie,” at which point I realized I forgot to put the devices on. I immediately put them on and played significantly better for the rest of the round. PG

August 2017

A Testimony from the Traveling Golfer

It has been 2 years since I have walked 18 holes due to a xxxxxx problem in my left XX band. Wearing Neuro Connect™ Golf devices I am able to walk the course again! Right from the first round, I have been putting better than ever before. More comfortable, feeling that the control and consistency are there. Especially effective on the knee knocker putts! Playing consistently well since wearing Neuro Connect™.

Walking the dog…Long walks tend to cause some discomfort from a previous leg injury.  From the first walk with the Neuro Connect clips, the discomfort is minimized or gone altogether.

Claudio DeMarchi

July 2017

Better balance and self assurance for my disabled son

We have a 27 year old, severely disabled adult son with a XXXXXX disorder. Going up and down stairs is nearly impossible for him, particularly because he lives with XXXXXXXXX. When he wears a balance clip combined with 3 golf clips Jamie seems to do much better going down stairs (we use a lift for going upstairs). He seems to have better balance and self assurance on the stairs when wearing the clips. He doesn’t lean to the left or right to feel his way down, and sometimes courageously even places one foot per step instead of his usual two. Chris V.

Nov 2017

Balance. Strength. Control.

Improve your balance and muscle function.