The Physics and the Neurology behind Neuro Connect™ Wearable Technology

Posted by dmetus1 March 29th, 2020

How does it work?

Neuro Connect™ is the first ever wearable technology to circulate a subtle energy pattern.

Seven years of clinic-based research  is suggesting that the technology may be helping to improve Central Nervous System response: 

  • Optimize muscle and joint function, improving your ability to balance, control movement and maintain strength.

Enhanced muscle function while playing a sport may result in improved balance, muscle control, and strength. Whatever your sport or lifestyle activity, Neuro Connect™ devices may help you to perform optimally.

“According to the latest calculations, only 4 percent of the universal mass-energy is occupied by atomic matter and electromagnetic energy. This 4 percent is the only part of the universe of which scientific equipment is able to take measurements.” Dr. Yuri Kronn

  • All muscles and joints are monitored and regulated by nerve receptors which are embedded in our tissues. They are generally known as proprioceptors.
  • The central nervous system constantly picks up signals from these receptors and this determines how your muscles respond to any given action.
  • If all your receptors perform well, the nervous system can respond by providing precise responses from your muscles. 

Neuro Connect Devices

  1. Neuro Connect Balance Clip
  2. Neuro Connect ONE Clip – Muscle and Joint 
  3. Neuro Connect LifeStyle Clips – Muscle and Joint 
  4. Neuro Connect INFUSED Shaft Bands
  5. Neuro Connect Cell – EMF Protection

Whatever your activity, sport or otherwise, the devices may help you to         use the correct muscles to avoid injury and perform optimally.


Recommended Reading:

 Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology, J. Al-Khalili, J.   Mcfadden


Our Physicist


Dr. Igor Nazarov – has over 30 years of professional experience combined with an extensive educational background. With an Masters in Experimental Nuclear Physics and a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from the famous Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as well as a variety of engineering certificates. Dr. Nazarov has a well rounded and extensive knowledge of physics. After teaching for more than 20 years, Dr. Nazarov worked around the globe in various fields of physics, further building knowledge and expertise behind the technology.

Balance. Strength. Control.

Improve your balance and muscle function.