The Physics and the Neurology behind Neuro Connect™ Wearable Technology

Posted by dmetus1 December 17th, 2017

How does it work?

Neuro Connect™ is the first ever wearable technology to circulate a subtle energy pattern.

Seven years of clinic-based research suggest the technology improves Central Nervous System response: 

  • Previously dormant neurological pathways wake up.
  • The muscles associated with spinal and peripheral joints begin to function normally.
  • Improve muscle function = better spinal function.
  • Improved spinal function = less neck and back pain.

These findings translate to enhanced muscle function while playing a sport resulting in improved balance, muscle control, and strength. Whatever your sport or lifestyle activity, Neuro Connect™ devices may help you to perform optimally.

Many people have compromised joint function, commonly at the base of the spine and the sacroiliac joints. Whatever you are doing, as soon as weight is transferred to these joints, the muscles, which should be supporting the joint, fail to function. The nervous system automatically recruits the wrong muscles which can even change the mechanics of walking. Often people have chronic hip muscle strain because the smaller muscles of the hip have to make up for the lack of function of the larger muscles. If you are a golfer or tennis player, the way you swing the club or racket may be compromised in a similar way, decreasing your performance and making you subject to injury.

  • All muscles and joints are monitored and regulated by nerve receptors which are embedded in our tissues. They are generally known as proprioceptors.
  • The central nervous system constantly picks up signals from these receptors and this determines how your muscles respond to any given action.
  • If all your receptors perform well, the nervous system can respond by providing precise responses from your muscles.
  • Years of clinic-based studies suggest Neuro Connect™ devices cause the nerve receptors embedded in the affected joints to functions properly.
  • The devices enhance the body’s ability to use the correct muscles even when spinal joints were not previously functioning optimally.

Neuro Connect Devices

  1. Neuro Connect LifeStyle (set of 3) 
  2. Neuro Connect Golf (set of 4)

A device is worn on the mid-line of the body, and the other two on the outside of each ankle. A triangular connection takes place. This is due to a phenomenon in physics called Quantum Entanglement*. A gentle subtle energy field runs between all of the devices and intersects with the nervous system.

Additionally, a fourth device adhered to the putter connects the putter head or tennis racquet or any other sporting equipment.

  • As a result, your sporting equipment is synced up to the central nervous system via the subtle energy triangle.
  • This has been found to be significantly effective in improving a golfers ability to perform the putting stroke.
  • Many have described a better sense of the putting line with an increased feel as the putter head releases.



Neuro Connect™ Devices: What do they do?

  • Circulate a subtle energy pattern that causes the Central Nervous System (CNS) to be more responsive to nerve receptors in joints and muscles.
  • Clinic-based research suggests they enhance the body’s ability to use the correct muscles even when spinal joints were not previously functioning optimally.
  • Clinical findings suggest they reduce the number of treatments required to restore normal spinal joint function.
  • Whatever your activity, sport or otherwise, the devices may help you to use the correct muscles to avoid injury and perform optimally.

*Recommended reading:  Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology, J. Al-Khalili, J. Mcfadden

Balance. Strength. Control.

Get immediate improvement in your balance and muscle function.


Neuro Connect™ devices do not cure disease. Neuro Connect™ devices should never be used as a substitute for treatment carried out by a registered therapist which is based upon a sound diagnosis.